I finally received my business cards! Well…from last week Wednesday but I am still excited about how they came out. I ordered my cards from Gotprint.com. They had a promotion of 9.99 for 100 cards plus shipping. Yes, it seems kind of pricey and you are probably thinking, “oh I might as well go to vistaprint then”. I was on that website first and they do have a better deal in terms of quantity but in terms of quality…gotprint held it down. I could have never gotten my cards to look nice as this if I purchased with vistaprint. All the perks that gotprint gives:
Upload your own image/background on front, back or both sides
Full UV/gloss coating on front and back of card
No “Gotprint.com” brand stamped on back like vistaprint.com
More selective styles of font
Practically creating your own preminum business cards
With all these perks, vistaprint charges you additional fees. By the time you are finished, you would be spending way more money then gotprint.com and it would automatically switch to the 100 cards option. So I thought why spend the little money and receive a large quantity of cards that I really wouldn’t like and wouldn’t stand out. I rarely like any of vistaprint’s free selective backgrounds. That is why gotprint was a better option for me. But why get business cards for fashon blogging you ask? Because with anything else that involve business relations, a business card makes you look more professional and serious about your work. It gives more purpose to your passion and what you stand for when you present yourself to other serious fashion insiders as well. It is all about presentation. In the end, I am really happy about how well my cards came out.  If you find any more good deals on business cards similar to the one I spoke of, let me know! Thank you for reading and go get’em!