Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! Oh yeah, since the new X-Men movie just came out today, I will be making my out tomorrow afternoon to go and see it. (Ssh, yes I am a geek. Now you know). If you are wondering or speculating where I was in this photo above, I went to a fashion show at the Copacabana (awesome name btw); very spacious and immaculate venue. My outfit had a new fashion stable…a jumpsuit!. I had it for quite some time but never wore only because it was a little big for me. So, I was determined to sell it on ThreadFlip or Poshmark along with other items. Since that didn’t turn out as well as I expected, I became fed up and decided to finally wear it myself.

I loved how I styled it. I layered the Farrah Jumpsuit with one of my favorite blazers, Tailored Blazer and my Metal Element Belt. I pulled up the pants legs a little above the calf, so in actuality, it is longer. With it rolled down, the shape of the pants is horrendous. Since my outfit is suited in dark colors, the belt accented the jumpsuit and the Studded Cream Sandals brought some contrast and highlighting to the ensemble. One of my favorite satchels, Summer House Sylvia was a finished touch. What I really like about this bag, is it’s uniqueness. It’s note of transparency and “edgy meets prim” accented with gold tone details. Hope you liked my outfit. Thank you reading and happy styling!