Last week Thursday, I attended a holiday shopping party at the rag & bone store in Soho. To be honest, I had never stepped foot in a rag & bone store so there is a first time for everything. The music was already jammin’ when you first walk in, playing a smashup of old and new school music so it could appeal to everyone’s taste. Not to mention, the bar served refreshments. Champagne, wine and curated cocktails were on the menu including catering by Tacombi Tacos. Like a foodie as myself, I ordered beyond the quantity of tacos being served as a default. They had chicken, beef and sweet potato for any vegetarian…I requested all three. Might I add, Tacombi surely did not disappoint with their tacos.

I took it upon myself to take a tour of the store and check out the collections that were on display. The layout of the space had refined industrial feel with high ceilings and an airy space. The store sold collections of women’s and men’s clothing along with shoes and accessories. American fashion you can’t complain about with its traditional tailoring and modern-day trends, curating a classic downtown look.

You could enjoy a sip of your cocktail while shopping the latest trends and take advantage of their store sales.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to visit a rag & bone boutique, take it upon yourself to check out the store and their cool collections. Thank you for reading! Until then, Happy Styling!