Happy Thursday! The weekend is coming up soon. What are your plans for this weekend? I don’t have anything particularly in mind but I think I am going to be spontaneous about it and see what happens. Last Saturday, I went out for a birthday meet up with one of my good friends from college. We went to Dave and Busters and had a jolly ol’ time. Since we were going to be at a setting with games, there is no need for heels. Comfort is key, which is why I went simple with this look with my favorite combat boots. The two statement pieces were the blazer and my lace tail top. I love this shirt because of the “pick a boo” effect with a V-cut. The lace tail absolutely softens the exterior of the shirt and I never mind a tail every now then. I fell in love with the stripe blazer because I could envision many ways to wear it and it is versatile. But at the same time, it was a different additional piece to my closest comparatively to the rest of my other blazers. I am a sucker for blazers in the end and I am on the look out for another unique piece. Thank you for reading and stay fabulous! xoxo