Merry Christmas Eve! For those of you who celebrate on the day of, are you ready for tomorrow? What?! And why not? You decided to wait the last-minute to search for a gift haven’t you? Well shamed on you. You should have been more prepared. That’s where I come in. ^-^. Festive, potentials gift are off the selves and time is running out. You don’t have to buy the most extravagant gift to show your efforts. It’s the thought and creating that memory is what counts. So let’s take a look at a few things that we can shop around for. Here is a list of last-minute holiday gifts you can choose from so you can wrap it up and placed under the tree or in the closet.

Lindt’s Lindor Chocolate Truffles

This is the perfect gift for the chocolate lovers. Filled with five delicious flavors; Milk, Dark, Extra Dark, Caramel and white chocolates.  If you know the person who you are buying for only likes a particular flavor, you can always opt for that one choice as well.

Christmas Flower Bouquet

For the floral lovers, you can’t go wrong with festive Christmas flowers. It doesn’t have to be a big bouquet but if you are able to find one and have the budget, go for it. Otherwise, a moderately small one will suffice.

Holiday Cocktail Glasses 

For the cocktail lovers (like me), this is one gift you should not shy away from. Also once they open this gift, they can use it right away. Fill it up with some spiked egg nog or one of my favorites; Chocolate wine mixed with Irish cream. So delicious.

Cozy Pajamas

Who doesn’t love a nice, new set of cozy pajamas? I know I do and if you can find a cool theme you think they will love, that’s even better. A pair of festive pajamas with a nice cup of hot cocoa is the perfect setting.

 DIY Homemade Spices in Jars

If you want your gift to be more personal, you can create holiday spices in adorable jars. They make a great gift and the jars can be reusable for future homemade drinks. Simmering spices are perfect for making their house smell amazing for the holidays.

Sorry I couldn’t suggest more. I am in a bit of a rush myself, but these are just some sorts out for you to choose from. If they also help conjuring an idea for your last-minute gift, that is wonderful too. I believe in you! Now get out there and find it! Thank you for reading and until then, Have a safe and Happy holiday!