One of my favorite online stores to shop at is JustFab. Affordable prices, great fashion, new fashion/style tips and picks from JustFab stylists every month. I am under the VIP membership so I have to make sure select the option of “skip month” between the first five days of every month, otherwise you will get charged at the price of $39.95. I have been charged with the fee only because I forgot to skip the month and it went pass the fifth day. Although,you do not purchase anything , it converts to a store credit so whenever you are ready to make a purchase, it acts as a readily use credit. So that’s makes up for it if you miss the 5th day. These are my November boutique picks from the JustFab stylists and so far their perception on my style is pretty much correct. If you dislike their picks, you can request for them to re-select different looks that you will find suffice. The stylists’ choice are based on the information you give them concerning your style when you first sign up as member, so their picks shouldn’t be too far off.  If you are interested, give it a try. Have fun and share your moments!