We all want that love, embracement, cherishing…I think I found a new love and his name is Tobi. Don’t you dare! I’m not talking about the actor Tobey Maguire. I am talking about my clothes. Lol! I curated four looks with four different statement pieces and I wanted to share my love for Tobi with you all ever so dearly.

This is by-far the number one favorite crop top I have ever owned. What a way to save time on choosing a necklace to wear with your outfit. Look no further because this crop top has taken care of that. I layered my top with my “oh so flowy) cardigan and I paired it with my favorite pair of ripped jeans (you already know I have re-styled these jeans so many times). Threw on some loafers to maintain the luxe element of the look and a cute pastel blue handbag which is perfect for the Spring and Summer. Then of course, a few accessories for the icing on top.

Cardigan: H&M | Wine Bandage Crop Top: TOBI | Ripped Jeans: FOXY LADY | Loafers: UNISA | Hand Bag: ALDO  Bracelets: ANARCHY STREET/ALDO/H&M | Rings: H&M/PRIMARK

I felt quite “modelesque” wearing this outfit. A chic lace embroidered top paired with a pair of wide leg striped trousers. I almost didn’t like this look. Something felt off until I stuck my skinny feet into a pair of royal blue pumps and bam! The crowd went wild…well..I went wild really and snatched my color-block clutch. The sunglasses were a finishing touch. Damn I look good.

White Lace Scallop Top: TOBI | Stripe Trousers: H&M | Clutch: JUST FAB | Shoes: BAMBOO
Shades & Rings: PRIMARK

If I were able to attend Coachella this year, this would have been the outfit to wear. I absolutely adore rompers and it’s cousin which you will see afterwards, down below.  (Keep your eyes up here. Finish reading about romper please). I love the details. The shoulder cut-outs for when I really need to give someone a “cold shoulder”, the peek-a-boo in the front and back for that subtle sexiness and the bell-shaped sleeves. So guess who’s on my feet? GUESS! (Hopefully you gotten the joke), a pair of 70s/retro shades and a chic handbag. It’s quite roomy by the way.

Rose Romper: TOBI | Shades: PRIMARK | Hand Bag: KATE SPADE | Shoes: GUESS | Rings: PRIMARK

Hey! It’s romper’s cousin, the jumpsuit. You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit, right? So quick, easy and not much thought needs to go into it. This jumpsuit can definitely make you feel confident and sexy. My favorite part of it, is the back. I threw this same cardigan over my shoulder as a gift wrapper (lol) so I could later show the world what the “backside” entailed and added a thin black belt for accent. I kept the palette all back with razor-cut wedges and then added a soft pastel bag. Talk about luxe! All day, but not everyday cause sometimes some of us like to be comfy.

Cardigan & Belt: H&M | Tara Choker Jumpsuit: TOBI | Wedges: BAKERS | Satchel Bag: JUST FAB  | Rings: H&M/PRIMARK

I hope you enjoyed reading about my four curated looks as much as I enjoyed putting them together and wearing it! Thank you for reading and Happy Styling!

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