On the third day of NYMD, I went to see N-P-Elliot F/W17 presentation at the Skylight Square. Nicholas Elliot, a Scottish designer wanted to create a collection that conveyed a message of a world that is non-homogeneous. Elliot said “Everyone in my family is culturally mixed and I wanted to relay that with this presentation.”

The collection relayed that message in a couple of different ways. Unique looks stemmed from the mixture of unconventional pairings such as a copper faux Astrakhan copper coat and printed tights. He also focused a lot on bold colors and different textures. There was diversity not just in the apparel but as well as the models. They were tall and short, with fair, medium or dark complexions and with all hair types. A presentation that is not only diverse but resonates with a distinctive appeal and identity.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more recaps of NYMD! Happy Styling!