Figuring out what is office appropriate but staying stylish simultaneously at that, can be a bit of a challenge. No one wants to wear the same old traditional clothes to work every day. We won’t feel or look confident nor happy in what we wear. So here are some tips on what staples to have to complete your office wardrobe.

The White Button Down

This is a no brainer. The white button down is a universal office staple. Usually the preferred color when it comes to office dress code, but since fashion is always evolving, people like to take risks with other colors to add more personality and pop to their look. But always keep at least one white button down shirt in your wardrobe. When you don’t know what to wear for that day, you can never go wrong with this top. Nothing really beats the classic tailored look.

Dress Trousers

Wide leg trousers fit most figures and goes with professional tops. Not only are they stylish and sophisticated, they elongate the legs when worn with heels. Trousers can be dressed up with a nice top with a thin belt for a clean, cut structured look or they can be dressed down with a casual top like a fitted knit sweater for a after-work look. Another option for trousers is a flared capris pants. Not much of my style and every time I try one on, I just don’t like how it makes my calves, down to my ankles look. Since I have small ankles, a flared capris trousers does nothing for them. If anything, it make them appear even smaller.

The Silk Blouse

Aaahhh, the good ol’ silk blouse. A must-have and certainly a luxe staple. It instantly elevates any office wardrobe with chicness and it is always good to have the basics such as black and neutral tones. If you want something with a little more pop, you can play around with appropriate bold colors, aesthetics such as a bow or prints that will bring a little more personality.

The Suit Dress

This timeless piece, is a quick, fixer-upper. You don’t have to worry about putting anything together! This monochromatic staple is a clean look that works best in neutral colors such as white, gray, black or navy. You can go for a full monochromatic look with matching heels or add a bit of contrasted to your dress with a nice bold color for that pop.

Skirts for the Office

Pencil skirts are also a universal piece for the office place. It is always associated with blazers or can be worn alone with just a nice blouse. I suggest opting for the high-waisted pencil skirts. Not only do they hide your gut (if you have one that is), they add a nice shape to the lower body. Even the straightest body type will have some sort of curvy shape wearing this skirt. Another option which I like are pleated skirts. They are flirty, fun but classy and sophisticated. The texture of the dress just creates such a sharp, luxe silhouette.

The Tote Bag

Always walk around with a stylish and sophisticated tote bag for your daily essentials. It can serve as just a normal purse and/or since it’s work, you are than likely to bring quite a few things with you. Big enough that it holds what you need to bring to and from work such as home files or other office essentials.

Office Shoes

Never leave home with out those black pumps. They are the most versatile shoes for the office and you can never go wrong with a pair since it is compatible with everything that you wear. But sometimes wearing black all the time gets a little dull or boring at times. Opt for something with a little more style. Color-block shoes are always fun to play around with and adds a little dimension and a fresh modern touch to your work look. If you love the stiletto heel, go for it. I know normally the skinny heel look more dressier and better than a chunky heel but wear only if they are comfortable to you.

A chunky heel adds a little more spunk and may I remind you it is more comfortable and stable. So don’t be afraid to try it out at the office. If you aren’t a fan of heels period, flats are also great for the office for comfort and style. They are also perfect for when those little tootsies have reached their limit in your heels.

Thank you for reading and happy styling!