Hello fashion lovies! I am back already for another fashion post. Unfortunately, because of the weather, it was best to stay in. As much as I love the snow, I am not willing to stand at a bus stop wondering if the bus is going to come any time soon. Thanks but no thanks. Last friday, I went to a social media mixer for fashion week which I wasn’t too fond of but I wore this outfit with the exception of the hair do and a bracelet that is in these pictures. In actuality, these photos were taken months ago on a day I was supposed to go to a fashion event but it ended up not happening. At that time, I didn’t get to wear this outfit anywhere until last week friday. Aside from that, sparkles and berry purple is written all over. I love that fact that I wore all dark hues and used a light bag for some softeness and a pop of color with consistency to the berry color. A real statement piece that is one of my favorites is the jacket (Chain Me Free Bomber). Its more fabricated as a partially made jacket. I love the cut outs and the metal embellishments railing the frames of the cut outs. I thought it was really different and original. I never seen one like it which is why I was so drawn to it. The diagonal stripes sparkle shirt (Striped Purple) added dimension under the jacket.

I can’t get enough of edgy looks, no matter how much I may wear girly, preppy, glamour, boho or hobo, etc, whatever it may be, some sort of edgy has to be implement into it. Even if it’s just a litte ounce of it in the ensemble. I guess thats my fashion personality. But a style identiity crisis is what represents me because I love to try out everything!  What is your fashion personality style? Thank you for reading and stay warm! xoxo