I was cordially invited to a Spring Fashion Party with DEPLOY Demi-Couture Spring-Summer 2016 popup at the fashion retail collective, Bene Rialto. The pioneering British brand is a sustainable luxury collection for the ‘thinking woman’s wardrobe’. The second I had walk through the door, I was taken back. I settled down my belongings, grabbed my camera and began exploring.

I enjoy a history of Vintage now and then and usually it’s a breath of fresh air.  The collection was a connotation of vintage, in a modern dimension with a hint of British charm. I briefly examined the quality and aesthetics of the garments; polished tailoring, sculptural structuring and layering. Work that encompassed a range of eye-catching colors, rich textures from silk or satin to cotton or wool, between soft silhouettes or streamlined, and fashionable functionality.

Hats handcrafted in an array of styles, colors, different textiles and embroidery and each withholding a unique process in creating a polished finish.

There were also garments that were more mod and fashion forward and others that had a fun play on bold colors.

Of course, I enjoyed my share of sparkling champagne and pastry sweets.

Just before it was time for me to make my departure, I fitted a fabulous detachable 4-way trench jacket that was the utmost potent in functionality. The versatility was ingenious, transition in four completely different wearable styles. DEPLOY, without a doubt,  makes its stand in elegance, classiness, femininity, distinctiveness and style.

DEPLOY’S Bernice Pan (left) Designer and Creative Director and sister brand Hennumi Couture Milliner Tosin Trim (right)