Day 6 of New York Fashion Week on February 11th, I attended the fabulous collective runway of the Turkish Designers. The show included the following designers, Asli Filinta, Deniz Berdan, Simay Bulba and Hakan Akkaya, each showed strong visions that truly asserted their rightful place i, Gallery II. The show was generously underwritten by the Turkish Government as well as the Turkish Textile Council.

Asli Filinta

Designer Asli Filinta showed a collection of easy, draped, tunic inspired ensembles that has a decidedly nomadic feel. The fabrications represented a mélange of colors and textures that seemed at times clashing and at other times harmonic, but always inspired.

Deniz Berdan

Deniz Berdan, mother and daughter team, showcase a very sporty collection. Neon was a large component in the color story. Whether it was featured in the linings of hoods or parts of the pants and jackets alike. For fun and intrigue, the designing duo created jewelry that mounted on the models’ faces, heads and even in their mouths to lend an other-worldly, almost alien intrigue.

Simay Bulbul

Creative director, Simay Bulbul offered an easy, inventive take on traditional evening wear that was versatile enough to be worn both day and night. Sheer organza and chantilly lace were the staples of this monochromatic collection that drew cheers from the crowd as it undoubtedly will with the retailers.

Hakan Akkaya

Hakan Akkaya, did his solo showing of his Amish Punk inspired collection a few days prior in NYFW. He presented his capsule line of leather and furs in bright metallic hues. Each model walked the runway with full confidence and the audience was visibility excited and surprised to see this side of Hakan. Who traditionally shows only collection in black and white. 

Photographer credits: Elvia Gobbo

What pieces were your favorite? Which collections did you enjoy?