Hello fashion lovies! It’s been a week since I made an outfit post but I still made sure to keep you updated on any fashion updates or news to share with you guys on my blog. I have a lot of fashion events that I will be attending and are coming up in the near future, so there will be quite some posts on that very soon. Hope you guys are looking forward to it!

So Saturday that just passed, my boyfriend and I went to the movies to see Anchorman 2. It was totally hilarious and I recommend it to anyone who likes Will Ferrell’s crude humor. I have never seen the first one but I absolutely loved the sequel and this was my weekend outfit. I was in the mood for a relaxed and retro look since it was a movie date weekend.  I layered my favorite plaid shirt (Forever 21) (which was a bold statement) with the my ripped retro jeans (Foxy Lady) that I adore and could not forget my retro boots from Nasty Gal which went perfectly with the look. It was a simple outfit but very bold and contemporary. Every one of these pieces is a bold statement stand alone depending on the outfit it is combined with. But my main focus of this outfit was the plaid shirt.

So stay tuned for the upcoming fashion events and do not forget, fashion week is coming up soon. I want to go to Couture fashion week but I am not sure if I will get the chance to go this season, maybe in September. Thank you for reading and stay fashionably fabulous!