First thing, first. Do you go to the gym? If not, you suck! Just kidding. Not all of us have that sort of dedication to be a couch potato, but that’s OK. 😉 But seriously, if you are a gym person, are you the type to wear an old t-shirt with a pair of random shorts or one who wears a sports bra with leggings? Well for one, I am not a gym person. Never did like it and never will. I prefer to work out at home and when I do get my gear together…well, honestly I grab an old tee with some shorts in the warmer seasons. In the colder seasons, I actually wear leggings with a sport bra or sport top. But recently I have been wearing exercise shorts along with my old tee. 🙂 🙂 🙂 But for you gym lovers, I know some of you become bored with the same old, cliché gym outfit gear and would like to stab some style in that wardrobe.

An easy way to pair a stylish workout outfit is to start with the basic solids as your color palette. Blacks, grays and whites, are your basic neutral colors to work with. Whichever colors you decide to pair together, you can easily layer your palette with textured hoodies to bring dimension to your look. If you are one to harness the power of their curves, you can always just wear a monochromatic bra and sport shorts for a sexy but powerful look.

Now if you looking to funk up your workout gear, we are looking at bold colors mixed with basics and prints. Bold colors and prints add fun and a stylish taste to your look. Actually, I think it also motivates you to work out more, just cause you know your outfit looks that awesome. Printed leggings also add dimension and bold colors gives a great accent against a basic color back drop. It may be a sport top, bra, shorts, leggings or even your sneakers. If crazy prints leggings, isn’t your thing, color-block or color seamed leggings is a great and common fashion staple to rock a stylish gym look.

As we all know, celebrities try to look and stay fashionable in every aspect of their life, even at the gym.

So the next time you decide to go to the gym, don’t be like me, wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Curate a stylish look that will get you even excited just to work out in. Thank you for reading!