Hey there fashion lovers! I hope everyone had a joyful and fulfilled weekend! On Thursday, December 5, there was a special gylliayn art and fashion show by designer Ari at the DL. I was linking up with one of my fashion friends to go to this event and the night did not go well. Unfortunately, we missed the fashion show which was very short; 10 mins tops. The location that was shown on Eventbrite, (if you are familiar with this site), was at Tokya 58th street which was the wrong address. It later showed a different address of where the event was actually taking place. I had to travel to the DL facing several commuting setbacks to finally show up at the right place, missing the fashion show. It was a horrendous night. I actually wished I did go home or not bother to attempt to attend the event because I wasted a lot of unnecessary traveling fare. I was very disappointed with the organizing and planning of the event. Aside from that, my outfit was inspired by a look I saw in a JustFab catalogue. My signature piece was the imitation sheep fur vest (Armani Exchange). It was definitely a bold statement along side the checkered blouse (Forever 21). What I love about this vest is it’s versatility because it is reversible. For a soft, cozy and bright look, go with white fleece side. For a more toned down and relaxed look, go with the beige non-fur side. Either way, they are both perfect for a fall/winter ensemble. Thank you for reading and happy fashion shopping!