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Find Your Strong Suit

Are you getting ready for the summer? Do you have plans of traveling to another state or even another country? Enjoy the breathtaking tropics, beautiful romanticized beaches and captivating scenery. Or maybe you have a goal this season to get…

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Remix the Pattern Play

Hey there fashion lovers. Sorry for the MIA I seriously need to give my blog some more TLC. I can’t let my supporters/ fans (you) down by not dishing out stylish inspirations and curated looks in a timely manner. That’s…

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The Leopard Influencer

As I sat and enjoyed a splendid glass of sparkling wine in a luxuriant closet room, unwinding from the strenuous perks of NYC life…Oh nevermind that! Happy Thursday everyone! I went to a soiree held for a Tory Burch launch and since I…

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The Geometrical Mix

Happy Wednesday everyone! Yesterday was such a hot Tuesday. With piercing rays of the sun and overwhelming ardent winds…no, that was what my sister experienced. Fortunately for me, I took a step outside in the afterhours of the sun’s hottest…